Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller

This script is free for private use. Otherwise a $10 fee per a site is required.

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Implementation of the "Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller"

  1. Download
  2. Open "Scroller.htm" with any editor and provide references for all your scrolled images in the array "pic" in the following order: image file name, image width, link name. The number of scrolled images (and correspondently a number of elements of array "pic") is unlimited, but, please, keep in mind downloading time. The same height for all scrolled images is recommended.
  3. If you wish to change the scrolling speed you can increase or decrease the value of the variable "speed".
  4. Replace the contents of  "main.htm" with yours.
  5. In the file "default.htm" replace the height of the upper frame (75) with the height of your scrolled images. By modifying the file "default.htm" you can move the frame with the scrolling images on the bottom. Alternatively, you can create a more complex frame structure or use a scroller in an IFrame.